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Community Events

Understanding Your Thyroid and Taste of Shred 10!
3-10-18 9:00 am - Lower Meramec Park
Jefferson and South County Holistic Health Meetup

Join Dr. Diana Toler, chiropractic physician and nutritionist, and Rosanne LeBaige, holistic mom and owner of Serenity Farm Tower Garden Seedlings, as we explore your thyroid! We'll talk about how it works and what it does, what happens when...

BEE TREE PARK DOG HIKE, then up the road to CLIFF CAVE PARK. South County
3-10-18 9:00 am - Lower Meramec Park

Never been here, but let's check it out. Doesn't look like a long trail, but some cool buildings here. And a lake, maybe a creek. Anyone have any info on this? Please comment below.

Operation Clean Stream 2018 Winter Cleanup
3-10-18 9:00 am - Lower Meramec Park
Saint Louis Volunteer Group

• What we'll doThe Open Space Council's 51st Annual Operation Clean Stream kicks off this year with a special winter clean up on Saturday, March 10th! Operation Clean Stream is our premier annual event. Through the help of volunteers, thousands...